Our Vision

We are incredibly proud of what we do at Blackpool Resort and endeavor to deliver the very best holiday experience to our guests. We pride ourselves on the finest hospitality and exceptional customer care from the moment our guests walk through the door. Our main core values are:

  • P - People focused. Welcoming, kind, go the extra mile
  • R - Respect. listen, appreciate, remain professional
  • I - Innovate. Ideas, opportunity, engage.
  • D - Dedication. Teamwork, positive, helpful.
  • E - Excellence. In all areas. Under promise but over deliver

As our staff invest in our customers, we invest in them - offering a fabulous place to work with excellent career prospects, training and most of all support. Blackpool Resort Family are exactly that....a family, and we are proud to have a wonderful team of staff whom all strive to maintain our superb reputation.