14 things you didn't know about Blackpool

24th of May, 2022

When someone says Blackpool, what’s the first thing you think of?

The Pleasure Beach?

The Lights?

The seaside resort on the northwest coast of England is renowned for these attractions, but there’s plenty more to Blackpool than meets the eye.

From famous fans to ballroom delights, you’ll be surprised at these fun Blackpool facts.

1. In September 1977, a famous racing horse switched on the Blackpool Illuminations. Red Rum had just won his third Grand National that April.

2. It takes 14 weeks to take down all the lights of the Blackpool Illuminations.

3. Famous Blackpudlians include actor David Thewlis (Professor Remus Lupin from Harry Potter ), The Cure’s Robert Smith, Dr Who sidekick Jenna-Louise Coleman, John Mahoney from Frasier, and Zoe Ball.

4. The world’s biggest stick of rock candy was made by Blackpool confectioners Coronation Rock in 1991. It was 19 feet long and weighed 413.6kg.

5. George Clooney once enjoyed fish and chips on the seafront.

6. Director Tim Burton has filmed a video for The Killers in Blackpool, and is known to love the Pleasure Beach roller coasters. (You can do some celebrity-spotting when you come stay at our Blackpool Travelodge right opposite.)

7. The White Stripes’ first live DVD is named after Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom.

8. After London, Blackpool is the second most visited place in Britain.

9. It takes seven years to paint the whole of Blackpool Tower.

10. In 1885, Blackpool introduced the world’s first permanent electric street tramway.

11. There are more than 500 designs in the Blackpool Illuminations, and the cables and wiring stretch for over 200 miles.

12. The first stagecoaches from Manchester to Blackpool started running in 1781.

13. Blackpool Zoo is built on the site of the old Blackpool Municipal Airport, which was later turned into Stanley Park Aerodrome. It was turned into an RAF parachute training centre in 1939.

14. Blackpool is known as the home of ballroom dancing. It hosts the British National Dance Championships every year in the Winter Gardens.


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