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9th of November, 2020

With so much to offer all year round, every day is an exciting adventure in Blackpool! Maybe you're a thrill-seeker who is happiest in Blackpool Pleasure Beach at the top of the Pepsi Max Big One. Maybe you like to take it easy with a leisurely stroll down the prom and an afternoon tea in our lovely Coffee Lounge on Reads Avenue. Maybe you're in your element playing a Golden Mile of games, or even a night owl who likes to take in the beautiful sunsets and the Illuminations. Blackpool has something for everyone!

The whole team at Blackpool Resort Family are missing you, your wonderful guests, so very much while the nation stays at home to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. We hope that you are all staying safe, and reminiscing on your happy memories from Blackpool. 

You might have seen the #SupportLocal adverts on TV and online recently, encouraging people to share their experiences of top-notch local businesses by sharing pictures, reviews and recommendations. It is so important to a local business like Blackpool Resort Family in the these difficult times, that we continue to keep in touch with our guests and followers... and a 5 star review or Facebook recommendation could be the reason someone discovers our stylish apartments at Reads Court and Heritage House, or one of our luxurious holiday homes in Blackpool.

Can you be the reason someone chooses us?

We are so grateful for the continued support of you, our followers! Could you take a few minutes to share your views with others on our Facebook pages? 

If just one person writes us a glowing recommendation, it's automatically shared with all their connections - which is a huge boost to our exposure that costs you nothing! Just choose where you stayed from the links below, click on the Recommendations or Reviews button and off you go!

To recommend Reads Court Holiday Apartments, Lancaster House or No.7 Reads Avenue, go to the Reads Court Facebook Page.

To recommend Heritage House Holiday Apartments, go to the Heritage House Facebook Page.

To recommend Raikes Parade Victorian Holiday Home, or any of our other Blackpool Resort Family properties, go to the Blackpool Resort Family Facebook Page.

Wishing you all a safe and happy November, and looking forward to when we can see your lovely smiling faces again!

The Blackpool Resort Family team

#StaySafe #LookAfterEachOther #SupportLocal #LoveBlackpool

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